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Capcom Disclosed Cyberattack – Ransomware Involvement Suspected


Japanese game developer Capcom has suffered a cyberattack, potentially losing data to attackers. The firm has possibly fallen prey to the Ragnar Locker ransomware.

Capcom Suffered Cyberattack

Reportedly, the Japanese video game publisher Capcom has suffered a cyberattack that even affected its file servers. Capcom is the entity behind popular games like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Devil May Cry. Besides Japan, it has its subsidiaries in Europe, and North America as well.

The firm disclosed the cyberattack via a recent notification. As revealed, the firm experienced issues on November 2, 2020, that made them detect unauthorized access.

The company has confirmed that this was due to unauthorized access carried out by a third party, and that it has halted some operations of its internal networks as of November 2.

However, the firm had confirmed that the incident did not result in any data breach. Nor did it affect the company’s online services.

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Suspected

While Capcom has merely disclosed the incident as a security breach, it seems they’re downplaying it for now.

According to Bleeping Computer, the firm has seemingly fallen prey to Ragnar Locker ransomware. It’s the same ransomware that earlier targeted the French logistics giant CMA CGM.

The attackers have also stolen around 1TB of the company’s data with this attack. The stolen information includes sensitive records like banking statements, accounting data, confidential files, NDAs, corporate agreements, as well as employees’ and customers’ data.

They have clearly listed the details of stolen data in their ransom note, alongside sharing some links to screenshots as evidence of their claim.

As per reports, the attackers have encrypted 2000 devices on Capcom’s network across Europe, Japan, and North America. They have demanded $11,000,000 in bitcoins as ransom.

For now, no further information is available, nor has Capcom commented on the matter yet.

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