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Ethereum cryptocurrency suspended after attackers steal nearly $1.1M

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Coinbase delisted Ethereum Classic (ETC) after detecting “a deep chain reorganization of Ethereum Classic blockchain.” Put another way, nearly $500,000 was spent twice. As pointed out by ZDNet, Bitfly confirmed there had been a successful 51 percent attack on ETC. Coinbase later updated the post, saying, “The total value of the double spends that we have observed thus far is 219,500 ETC (~$1.1M).”

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Even bigger bounty payouts for zero-days that will be used by LEA

Zerodium upped its game when it comes to bounties for zero-day exploits. For example, you could become a millionaire by finding a remote code execution hole in WhatsApp, iMessage, or SMS/MMS. The payout for a remote iOS jailbreak that takes zero clicks also doubled, meaning you could make a $2 million.

All the bounty payouts jumped considerably, so happy big payday if your thing is discovering zero-days that will ultimately be used by law enforcement or three-letter agencies.

What you can’t write about WikiLeaks or Assange

On Sunday, WikiLeaks announced 140 “false and defamatory” things that journalists are not supposed to say about Julian Assange or WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks also tweeted a link to a version of those no-nos, but journalist Emma Best claimed it was not the same version that was sent to journalists.

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